Am I a Candidate for Treatment?

Like most diseases, venous disease follows a pattern of symptoms and warning signs. By answering the questions below, we can make a reasonable prediction about your propensity for developing venous disease and determine if you'd benefit from scheduling a consultation.

Please note, these results in no way constitute a diagnosis. If you believe you're at risk for vein disease, please schedule a consultation with us or visit your family physician.

  1. Do you have any bulging veins on your legs?

  2. Do you have any symptoms in your legs of aching, fatigue, swelling, leg cramps, restless legs, discoloration?

  3. Do you have a history of DVT (deep vein thrombosis), blood clots in the legs?

  4. Do you have a history of superficial thrombophlebitis-areas of redness, warmth, and tenderness surrounding an area of veins on the legs?

  5. Do you have any sores or ulcerations below the knees (excluding feet) that do not heal?

  6. Do you have tiny spider veins on your legs that bother you?