June 22, 2022

Which Healthy Desk Option Is Best for You?

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If you want to keep off unwanted pounds and maintain a healthy lifestyle, you’ll need to be more purposeful if you work in an office setting. Sitting for eight to 10 hours per day can cause adverse health effects, especially stacked up day after day, year after year. Transforming your workstation with a standing or treadmill desk can help you practice healthy habits while still getting your work done — and can make you more productive!

Because both options carry almost the same health benefits, the best one for you may come down to how much you want to spend and how much room you have.

The next time you have a conference or video call, stand or walk your way through it!

Standing desk

Just like the name applies, you stand up while working at your desk to help negate the harmful effects of sitting too much. You’re able to adjust the height of this desk to make it more comfortable and easier to complete tasks. Standing can also improve your mental health.

Using this type of desk can help lower your risk of weight gain, obesity and heart disease; decrease blood sugar levels; reduce back pain; improve mood and energy levels — and can even boost productivity.

Treadmill desk

If you prefer to walk instead of stand, then a treadmill desk is perfect to keep you in motion while you work! A treadmill desk is a great way for you to burn calories, promote a healthy body weight, manage type 2 diabetes and help strengthen your muscles and bones.

The treadmill desk shares a lot of the same benefits as a standing desk, so it’s hard to argue which one is better for you — it may just depend on your preference. You will need more room for a treadmill desk at your workspace, but there are options for small treadmills that can slide under your desk when not in use.

If you plan to use a standing or treadmill desk, make sure you work your way up to longer periods of use. Break up your standing, walking and sitting periods into manageable chunks throughout the day. If your body shows signs of fatigue, take a break. Finding balance is key when starting your new habit at your office.

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