I Simply Can't Believe the Improvement

Last summer Dr. Zeff performed four surgical procedures on the veins in my legs. Before the procedures, my legs would ache, burn, and itch, especially in the winter. Those symptoms are all gone. At night I would have to sleep with my right leg on a pillow because of the pain. That leg-on-the-pillow sleeping is gone. Before the procedures, I had to walk down stairs by putting my right leg down a step and bringing my left leg down to that step. Then I would do the next step the same way, again especially in the winter. That halting, going-down-steps procedure is gone. A year ago, I had to be careful of how far I walked because if I walked to the back of Lowe's and returned to my car, my legs really cramped up. That restriction is also gone.

I simply can't believe the improvement. Except for a little arthritis in my right knee, my legs feel normal again. I really didn't think this was possible. I want you to know what a difference you made. It is nothing short of life-changing.

Des Moines, Iowa

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